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  1. Taxi Booking Light

    Taxi Booking Light is a lightweight version of the famous Taxi Booking for Joomla extension.
    With Taxi Booking Light you can start selling your transportation services on your website in minutes.
    Taxi Booking Light has the same front end booking form as Taxi Booking for Joomla, as well as a back-end management panel for Cars, Settings and Orders.
    Taxi Booking Light can be extended with online payment methods.

    Fully open source, multi-domain licensed software - install on as many websites as you like.

  2. Kliken – Google Advertising and Stats

    Kliken uses unique technology to get your website found on Google, Bing, and Yahoo by helping you build a paid search campaign in a few simple steps. Our software puts your marketing on autopilot by actively optimizing your search campaign on a daily basis. We make it easy for you to understand your website visitors and boost your online presence with our free next-generation website analytics. If you have not signed up for an account, or need to login, please visit

  3. Bancontact via stripe payment for Breezing Commerce

    Our plugin will integrate Bancontact payment with Breezing Commerce.

    Our plugin do integration through Stripe Api.

    You do not need to install or set anything else. Just install this plugin and add your api key and you are done.

    Working perfectly for both live and test mode.

  4. Prayer Times JT

    Prayer Times JT Module helps you to displays the Islamic Prayer Times on your site based on a html file taht can be edited (prayertimes.html). You should enter prayer times to prayertimes.html for once then module reads data and shows according to the current date.

    • Horizontal or Vertical Layout
    • Prayer Times Padding
    • Panel Background Color
    • Panel Border Color
    • Panel Border Width (Px)
    • Text for Fajr Prayer
    • Text for Zuhr Prayer
    • Text for Asr Prayer
    • Text for Magrib Prayer
    • Text for Isha Prayer
    • Show Date
    • Show Title
  5. Bible Verse Reftagger

    Bible Verse Reftagger v2.0.0

    Convert Bible references into links with hover-preview
    Include references like 1 John 4:19 or Eph 2:8-9 on your site. Bible Verse Reftagger automatically tags them, creating tooltips that appear when a reader hovers over them.

    Adding Bible Verse Reftagger to your Joomla! website is easy. You have two Joomla! extensions to choose from. The Module or the Plugin. The choice is yours based on how you want to manage the Bible Verse Reftagger extension. Please read the Pros & Cons between the Module or the Plugin install on Bible Verse Reftagger's demo page for a detailed description between the two packages.

    Both versions have the same settings/option available to you so it will be just a matter of what format you wish to use. Since both are 100% FREE to download and use, grab'em both because you just never know!

    Bible Verse Reftagger interacts with a script powered by Faith Reftagger and all the settings/options this script has can be found in either extension's settings. I understand this extension supports a very niche category but one not totally represented within Joomla's Extension Directory listings. ENJOY!

    Change log:
    Initial Joomla release: v2.0.0